About Us

Meet our management team

US Office

Amidst the awe-inspiring landscapes of Utah, ClearGrowth Inc’s headquarters serves as a nurturing ground for innovation, harnessing the state’s breathtaking beauty to fuel dynamic progress and transformative ideas.


Johan Colvig
Founder, CEO
Serial entrepreneur with multiple exits. Background in physics, computer science and business.

Shannon Ireland
Head of AI


Find our Utah-based headquarters on the map below to locate the heart of ClearGrowth Inc.

Lithuania Office

Our dedicated delivery team is situated in the charming city of Vilnius, Lithuania. With a passion for excellence and a commitment to our clients, our Vilnius-based team plays a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless delivery of our solutions.


Mantas Vitkunas
Passionate computer nerd with 10+ years experience. Principal developer of ClearGrowth’s software platform

Discover the bustling hub of ClearGrowth Inc’s delivery team in Vilnius, Lithuania, by locating our office on the map below.