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“I can't imagine where we would be without ClearGrowth. They became part of our team so quickly and were key to solving some critical issues with our financials, and now our investment outlook is strong. ClearGrowth's work is literally saving our business, and is definitely some of the best money we've ever spent.”
David, COO, Table Needs
Braden DiCristofano
"ClearGrowth has been instrumental in cleaning up our books and giving us high level business advice. Our finances were pretty messy before we found these guys and now our books are organized and professional. I have already referred them to quite a few people and would gladly refer them to any business that needs financial clarity and guidance."
Braden, Co-Founder & CEO, Launch Fulfillment
Adrian Samarra, CEO, Converted Van Co.
"I can't explain how helpful it is to have someone watching your back with all things financial. It allows me to focus on developing the business with a clear mind and the burden of finances (or rather the lack of knowledge around finances) lifted! Thanks guys!"
Adrian, CEO, Converted Van Co.
“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with ClearGrowth. They are extremely talented and knowledgeable in all aspects of business. Their financial IQ adds an incredible element to truly help me run my business according to #'s. I highly recommend them!"
April, CEO, EHR Concepts
“We love working with ClearGrowth. The service, advice, and expertise is beyond reproach. There is an eye for detail and a level of candor that you cannot get with an internal hire. (or rarely get). We love them."
Mark, Chief Customer Officer, Roster



Business Clarity

We transform your finances so they reflect your business. Not only will that make your books pristine, but it will also give you a clear view of your business.


Expertise & Understanding

Our background is business, not just accounting. That means we understand your needs, and we are a sounding board for business decisions.


Path to Exit

The path to a successful exit is filled with pitfalls and misconceptions. We speak all things M&A, and we can help in all stages of growth.

Accountants & CPAs only report taxes to the IRS
We speak business and gear you for growth

Why We Are Different


Updated Daily

We update your books daily for two reasons: First, it is difficult for you to make decisions on old data. Second, it is cheaper for us to update the books daily.


To Ask Questions

If something is unclear, we will ask about it. We won’t do random categorizations and hope it is okay. We will write down your answer so we don’t have to ask again.



With ClearGrowth, you’re not just one in the crowd getting a service on auto-pilot. We learn your business so we can best help you. We’ll meet regularly.

We are not a cost center

We are a growth center

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